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ThermoTec-ProductWebsite: www.thermotec-gmbh.eu

Welcome to Thermotec, we are a rapidly growing company in the heating industry. Since its founding in 1998, the company has developed its own production line with a Europe-wide distribution network. Our production takes place in the province of Saxony in Germany where we thrive to continue to increase production and establish the brand name Thermotec.

Why Thermotec?

With over 20 years of experience in the field of electrical heating, we are a well-established partner for efficient and advanced heating solutions with attractive design.          

Research / Development

Our development department ensures that you as a customer will receive the most efficient and future-proof technologies possible. The Know-how of our engineers combined with our co operations with scientific institutions guarantee state of the art technology proven with scientifical results.

We try to integrate all suggestions of improvements from our customers, to allow for the greatest of customer satisfaction in all our products.


Our modern manufacturing and production facility combines automated assembly with the skills of trained personnel. A modern powder coating plant, with the highest quality of powder coating, ensures that your Thermotec heater has a long lasting surface finish without any discoloration.

To ensure for quality management, the production of all heaters are closely monitored and undergo final inspections. This enables us to guarantee a quality of workmanship which in turn allows us to give each heater a 30 year warranty.

This conforms to the quality of our VDE certification for our heaters. This includes packaging and shipping, to ensure a safe and quick delivery of your modern Thermotec heater.



Our Brands

1-BioMex 2-Eemax 3-InSinkerator 4-IQair 5-Redring 6-Kuvings 7-SolarGurd 8-Thermotec 9-StraussWater