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To find more information about Strauss Water please visit our website www.strauss-water.com.cy

The growing shortage of drinking water touches us every day 

We at Strauss Water provide safe, great tasting drinking water that meets our customers' everyday needs and improves their quality of life. We seek to make drinking water an exciting experience by making wonders out of water. In the process our global product lines have set new standards in water drinking quality, taste and convenience of use.

We nurture an ongoing relationship with our customers beyond a service provider

Our customers are our lifeline.  We are passionate about pursuing every need affecting their drinking water experience. To us our customers are individuals with different desires and concerns. Our strong commitment to building and nurturing a long lasting relationship with each and every one is embedded in our company culture.  We aim to satisfy you today and work to increase it in future.

About Strauss Group

Strauss Group, Israel's second-largest food & beverage company, is an international corporation comprising of five companies: Strauss Israel, Strauss Coffee, Strauss Water, Max Brenner and PepsiCo-Strauss Fresh Dips & Spreads.

Strauss has approximately 14,000 employees operating in twenty six production sites in eighteen countries around the world. Among them: U.S., China, U.K., Australia, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Poland, Romania, Brazil and more.

Strauss Group entered partnerships with leading multinationals such as Danone, PepsiCo, the private equity investment fund TPG Capital, and more recently Haier and the Virgin Green Fund.

During the last eight years, Strauss Group has consistently achieved growth, having generated approximately $2.2 billion in annual revenue in 2011 of which 48.8 percent resulted from global activities.


getintouch Website: www.strauss-water.com.cy

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Our Brands

1-BioMex 2-Eemax 3-InSinkerator 4-IQair 5-Redring 6-Kuvings 7-SolarGurd 8-Thermotec 9-StraussWater