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Website: www.redring.co.uk

Redring-productRedring has been manufacturing showering and hot water solutions for more than 30 years. Throughout the company’s history, Redring have been at the very forefront of quality and affordable design.

At Redring, we feel the best way forward is to invest in new product developments, driving choice and confidence through product innovation, this is what makes Redring a quality brand that stands for innovation and pioneering technology.

Hot water safety is something Redring takes very seriously and safety features are built into our showering and our hot water heating products as standard. With the latest amends to the Building Regulations, it is encouraging to know that the government is doing something to tackle the issues of hot water safety and efficiency.

Redring has excelled in terms of product innovation with its award-winning Selectronic range of showers; the most technologically advanced instantaneous showers available. Accredited by the RNIB, the Selectronic range was developed in conjunction with the RNIB who awarded it ‘inclusive design status’, making it the safest option for the blind, partially sighted, young children, elderly and less able. In addition to the RNIB endorsement, the Selectronic range also carries the BEAB CARE mark and meets the strict criteria of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

As part of the Redring Xpelair Group, Redring helps support a workforce of more than 250 people, including a dedicated after sales support service of both engineers and professional installers. This ensures that Redring always has the right solution for any showering, heating or hot water installation.



O ταχυθερμαντήρας ροής δεν απαιτεί ντεπόζιτο αποθήκευσης και ενεργοποιείται με τη ροή όταν υπάρχει ζήτηση για ζεστό νερό.

O συνηθισμένος θερμαντήρας με ντεπόζιτο διατηρεί το νερό ζεστό 24 ώρες την ημέρα ανεξάρτητα αν χρησιμοποιείται ή όχι. Με τη χρήση του PowerStream πληρώνετε μόνο το νερό που χρειάζεται να χρησιμοποιήσετε. Αντίθετα ο ταχυθερμαντήρας ροής παρέχει απεριόριστο ζεστό νερό, χωρίς να χρειάζεται η ύπαρξη αποθηκευμένου όγκου νερού. Επειδή δεν χρειάζεται ντεπόζιτο, το φυσικό μέγεθος του ταχυθερμαντήρα είναι πολύ μικρότερο, επιτρέποντας έτσι την εγκατάσταση της πολύ πιο κοντά στην παροχή.



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