Thermotec is a rapidly growing company in the heating industry. Since its founding in 1998, the company has developed its own production line with a Europe-wide distribution network. Our production takes place in the province of Saxony in Germany where we thrive to continue to increase production and establish the brand name Thermotec.


Our modern manufacturing and production facility combines automated assembly with the skills of trained personnel. A modern powder coating plant, with the highest quality of powder coating, ensures that your Thermotec heater has a long lasting surface finish without any discoloration.
To ensure for quality management, the production of all heaters are closely monitored and undergo final inspections. This enables us to guarantee a quality of workmanship which in turn allows us to give each heater a 15-year warranty or 30-year warranty with an additional cost.

This conforms to the quality of our VDE certification for our heaters. This includes packaging and shipping, to ensure a safe and quick delivery of your modern Thermotec heater.

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Why Thermotec?

With over 20 years of experience in the field of electrical heating, we are a well-established partner for efficient and advanced heating solutions with attractive design.

Home and holiday homes

Especially in rooms that are not in constant use, the electric radiators by Thermotec are ideal as additional heating. Whether in the bathroom, hobby cellar or conservatory - with the fast pre-heating phase and constant heat without reheating, they efficiently ensure a pleasant temperature everywhere. With our FlexiComfort thermostat you can also divide your rooms into different temperature zones and adjust the room temperature individually to your daily routine or as needed.

You can thus enjoy a pleasant warmth - in the right place and at the right time and also cut heating costs. And if you plan an extension such as a loft extension, the costly and expensive installation of risers is not needed: Secure the radiator to the wall, plug it in and the electric heat is ready!


Companies and Offices

Our electric radiators can be ideal combined in different heating concepts of retail, production, catering, office and other commercial units. They can be used as main heating appliances or as additional heating or temporary heating. Especially for irregularly used rooms such as small office units, toilets or workshops, the AeroFlow┬« electric radiators are the ideal heat source.

Even in storage rooms, they keep a frost protection temperature cost- optimal.


Themotec in Cyprus

We are the official partner of Thermotec in Cyprus since 2012. Our company is based in Nicosia but we do support the whole of Cyprus. Our staff, are on hand to help you understand all the benefits of Thermotec electric radiators . We ensure that you can find the perfect heating system for your needs and receive one of the most professional and friendly services.

Our aim is to present you with broad range of products, providing you with the ideal model to suit your home after our study and according to the thermal insullation characteristics of your premises.In the case of apartments or houses that are even at the final design stage we do offer also the service of making a full study of the heating needs per room or per zone from our side, without any commitments from our clients to cooperate with us. The above services are offered without any additional cost by Thermotec Cyprus. 

We do also visit the premises before installation, with the relevant contractor and the customer in order to designate proper positioning and proper electrical installation preparations. 

All the Thermotec products are in stock for immediate delivery or installation. We do also offer after sales service from our well trained technicians to ensure the best service quality to our customers.