What is Tana

Tana is small, stylish appliance that sits on your kitchen worktop. It is connected to your mains water supply, purifying tap water and serving it perfectly chilled or boiling hot. This provides the family with an unlimited supply of purified chilled and boiling water at the touch of a button.


Bottled water from the tap

Clean, crisp chlorine-free water - triple filtration and purification.

Get the healthy essential minerals – only the bad stuff is filtered out.

Pure water quality ensured by UV lamp purification.

Easy to change long life filters and UV lamp - only twice a year!


Chilled and boiling - instantly!

Never runs out as your Unit is connected to your mains.

Separate cold water and hot water tanks provide instant chilled, boiling and ambient water.

Fill jugs and pans – it’s not just for glasses and cups.

Little hands safe with hot water child protection lock.


Personalise your Tana

Water as you like it – set your cold and ambient temperatures

Just one press away – set your favourite cup and glass sizes

Minimise power consumption – set wake up and sleep modes

Keep the little ones safe – set the hot water child lock