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Did you know that 50% of daily chlorine exposure occurs in the shower


With Sprite shower filters, it is our mission to take on Chlorine with filters that remove it at a rate of 99% from your shower water. With over 23 U.S. and International patents and 24 years of experience, Sprite is the leader in shower technology. Shower filtration by Sprite is a clear choice for those concerned about maintaining their home's healthy environment, including the quality of the water and air. Protect your home's environment with Sprite Filter in every shower.

Scientific studies have linked chlorine exposure to potentially harmful health conditions. It causes skin irritation and when chlorine vaporizes in a hot shower and when inhaled into the lungs is transferred directly into the blood system. This is especially unfortunate considering that the molecule has been linked to cancer in studies.

Tested & Certified

Most Sprite products are NSF Certified to standard #177 for shower filtration. Don't be misled by companies who claim NSF Certified Filtration Media. It's not the same as being certified to Standard 177!

In the beginning, Sprite filters remove free chlorine at an efficiency rate of 99%. Sprite cartridges use a patented filtration media that converts chlorine into a harmless salt that is found frequently in beauty products.

About Sprite shower