I can’t assemble my juicer properly?

  • Ensure you assemble the juicer correctly by following the red dot system
  • Firstly unpack all parts in the box and put on a kitchen bench or table
  • Unwrap all the plastic and separate all the parts
  • Place the base of the juicer near a power point ready for use
  • Take the strainer and put it into the rotation wiper, give it a turn so it naturally turns easily
  • Take the Juicing screw and place it in the strainer, allow it to drop in naturally
  • Check under the juicing bowl and ensure rubber seal is sealed
  • Place the rotation wiper with the strainer, place the juicing screw in the juicer bowl
  • Place the juicing bowl on the base of the juicer where the red dot is, ensure it is placed comfortably and the juicing screw can turn
  • Place the Hopper Lid on top of the Drum Lid
  • Place the lids on the juicer bowl where the red dot is and then click it to the left to lock it in
  • Then turn on the juicer for use
  • Note the juicer will not start unless all the above is in place
  • For safety reasons all the parts need to follow the red dot system


Can I put the parts in the dishwasher?

  • No you cannot wash the parts in the dishwasher.
  • Some plastics are BPA Free therefore does not contain the chemicals that allow it to be dishwasher safe.
  • Cleaning process is very simple, just pull the three parts apart and rinse in warm water or wash how you wish,
  • Brush the little fibre that is caught in the basket for about a minute and everything should be clean.
  • Ensure you check the groove under the juicing screw is cleaned properly before reassembling juicer.
  • Also ensure you plug in the rubber plug under the bowl to seal the part completely before juicing again.
  • Ensure the juicer does not build any residue film stain on the parts.

How do I clean my Juicer?

  • Once you have finished juicing, close the smart cap and pour water into the juicing chute, turn the motor on to flush clean the juicer
  • Place both hands on the juicer lid and twist to the right to the open position and loosen the lid, lift off the base and take it to the sink
  • Remove the top and give it a rinse in warm water, if you feel it needs some detergent, apply it
  • Separate the rotation wiper with the screen and juicing screw from the juicing bowl
  • Tip the screen upside down into your hand so the juicing screw falls into your hand
  • Separate the rotation wiper from the screen
  • Place all parts into a sink of warm soapy water or rinse thoroughly under warm water
  • When cleaning the juicer bowl you are required to take out the rubber plug under the juicing bowl to rinse through any excess pulp that may be left, use the end of the brush provided to help you push it through, put the plug back in once cleaned. This is something that can easily be forgotten, so try to remember. If you forget the juicer bowl will not fit properly on the base of the juicer and will not start. Or if it does start it will add pressure to the juicer and not give you the best juice possible, with extra pulp coming through to your juice
  • Washing the screen properly is very important because if you leave any excess pulp on the screen the quality of your juice will be lower. It is very easy to clean put the screen under warm water and with the brush provided this should be a 1 minute job. If you have juiced a lot and you have excess pulp on the screen you can use the end of the brush and scrap it off before brushing it under warm water
  • Once you have rinsed all the parts put them on a towel to dry
  • The whole cleaning process should take between 2 to 5 minutes
  • To assemble the juicer refer to the notes above on how to assemble the juicer
  • It is important to note the cleaner you keep your juicer parts the better performance you will get from your juicer. Try not to build any excess juice residue on the parts.
  • We have eco friendly cleaning material you can order from us if you need to.


Why does the Kuvings Juicer extract faster than other juicers even though it uses the cold press system?

  • Kuvings is an international brand with their own factory and patented cold press juicer motors
  • The reason why a Kuvings can juice all fruit and vegetables hard or soft is because of its strong motor and high torque
  • It also has a larger juicing screw with two revolutions’ which means it squeezes the juice twice as fast against 4 resolutions of other juicers
  • The motor is very strong at 248 watts and has the strength of 3 horse power

What can the sorbet smoothie maker be used for?

  • Making Frozen desserts like sorbets, ice cream, smoothies, dips, baby food and nut butters


How do I prepare the produce for juicing?

  • Depending on the model juicer you have and the size of the chute you prepare produce accordingly
  • If you have a small chute for feeding in produce you cut fruit and vegetables long and thin
  • If you have the whole slow juicer with the wide chute you can put in whole apples, whole oranges and pears, cut carrots once long ways, cut greens if you are making more than a litre of juice at a time
  • Always cut the beetroot for all juicer models by cutting the beetroot in half, laying it flat on the chopping board and then slicing it into 6 to 8 pieces the shape of half moons
  • The CS600 commercial model needs produce cut into 2 to 5cm sizes, to fit through the self-feeding mouth, handfuls at a time, apples and oranges can be put through whole

My juice has pulp in it?

  • The Kuvings B6000 being domestic will have a little more fibre in the juice compared to our other models. If you wish to reduce the amount of pulp you’re your feeding process and this will help.
  • Generally you will only get more pulp if you are juicing a lot of carrots and beetroot, because they naturally have more fibre in the vegetable.
  • If you really don’t like the extra fibre you can sieve it through a strainer or upgrade to the C7000 model

Juicing Carrots

As there are no metal blades in a Kuvings Cold Press Juicer that rip and tear open the produce to extract the juice so you must take a moment to properly prepare the carrots before juicing.

A cold press juicer presses and squeezes the produce to extract the juice just like chewing. The result is a much richer juice both in nutrients and flavour.

To make it easier for the juicer to press it is recommended that you cut the carrots in half lengthways as shown here…



Some carrots (especially juicing carrots) are quiet large and require a second cut into quarters as shown here…


DO NOT cut carrots to pieces and feed into the juicer.


Finally, DO NOT overload the juicer with multiple pieces of carrot. It is recommend you wait for each piece to be pressed before adding the next piece of carrot to the juicer.

Take your time and enjoying making a fresh, natural, healthy cold pressed juice.


What do I do if the motor does not work?

  • Check the plug has not been pulled out accidentally from the power socket or the switch is turned off
  • Check the tip of the hopper lid to ensure the magnet has not fallen out
  • The juicer will not start unless all parts have been assembled
  • Call 22 424200 for further assistance

What do I do when the motor stops in the middle of juicing?

  • You may have run the motor for over 30 minutes and need to wait up to 10 minute for it to cool down and then start juicing again
  • Check if anything is clogged in the juicing screw, if motor starts to work again, there is nothing wrong with the motor. If not call us at 22 424200.



Why does the strainer not separate the juice from the pulp enough?

  • Adding too much produce in a short period of time may clog the strainer. Use the reverse button to unclog the produce and keep juicing. Allow the juicer to squeeze and press what has not been juiced in the bowl.
  • If the juicer parts have staining and have not been cleaned properly this could create this problem. Soak parts in Bi Carb Soda over night and wash and dry them well to eliminate this problem.

What if the amount of juice is too little?

  • It depends on the freshness of the fruit. If the fruit is dry and not in season then the amount of juice would be less. Carrots and Beetroot in summer can create more pulp and less juice. Celery in September can all do the same.
  • Soak the fruit and vegetables in clean water to increase the volume.
  • Juicing, juicing carrots compared to normal carrots is very different, normal carrots create much more pulp depending on the season
  • Check that the holes in your strainer are clean enough and not blocked

What if after juicing, the moisture of the pulp is high?

  • Ensure you push the silicon plug under the juice bowl in firmly.

What if when juicing the produce is not being juiced and coming out while juicing?

  • If the silicon plug is not in firmly enough this could happen.
  • Adding too much food in a short period of time could make this issue. Adding produce slowly one at a time would solve this problem. Also cutting fruit long and thin and not into small pieces also eliminates this problem.

What if I can’t get the Hopper Lid off?

  • Press the reverse button a couple of times to loosen the produce in the juicer bowl
  • Pour a litre of water through juicer and turn the on switch on, this should loosen the lid
  • Do this up to 5 times if you need to.
  • Slice a lemon with the skin into 4 rings and put it through the juicer, then follow it up with a carrot that should also release the lid.
  • Ensure you are trying to take the lid off while the top set is on the base of the juicer if this does not work
  • Put whole juicer lower than your bench, either on a chair or table, lean onto the lid with your body weight, treat it like a medicine bottle, push down and then turn to the open position
  • If the lid is half on and half off, do the same as the above but turn to the close position instead
  • If no success call 22 424200 for assistance


What if the Juicer vibrates excessively?

Solution- Stop the juicer and reassemble the juicer properly. In particular, make sure the juicing screen is properly seated and no parts are broken.

What if the Juicing bowl is moving in middle of operating?

It is completely normal if the juicing bowl moves a little bit while operating, normally occurs when juicing fibrous vegetables

  • If it moves a lot you have probably overloaded it by putting produce through too quickly or the pieces were too large. This may occur with beetroot as it is very hard.
  • If the piece is a little large do not put another piece in until it has worked through the last piece of fruit or vegetable

What if the Juicer stops in the middle of operating?

Too much fruits or vegetables in the juice bowl may have overloaded or over heated the motor.

  • Please wait until the appliance is cooled down to use it again. Could take 10 minutes.
  • Please place the motor in a cool temperature area.
  • When using the fruits or vegetables with a hard seed in it, please remove all the seeds in the fruits or vegetables before use or it may break the juicing screw.

What if after juicing, the amount of pulp in the juice is great?

Check if the pressure silicon is assembled properly

  • This can also occur depending on the quality of the produce, old carrots and apples may give this affect and carrots and beetroot out of season can also create this problem. Summer is the worst time of year for Carrots and Beetroot and September for Celery.
  • Ensuring your parts are clean and not stained this can also reduce this problem especially the strainer

What if the amount of juice is not a lot?

  • Each fruit or vegetable to be juiced may produce a different amount of juice.
  • Even same fruits or vegetables can have different amount of juice due to the freshness of the fruits or vegetables.
  • Winter vegetables like carrot, beetroot and celery yield less in summer and create more pulp because they are dryer and harder
  • To extract more juice out of the refrigerated fruits or vegetables, put it in clean water and wait until the fruits or vegetables are moist enough to be extracted.
  • Carrot has high fiber which is hard to extract, to get the best result from extracting carrot put in with different high fiber fruits or vegetables. Such as, kale, leafy green vegetable.
  • Please cut the carrot into long and thin pieces if carrot is very large to get the best result.
  • Check if the pressure silicon is assembled properly.

What if it seems like the juicing screw is grinding?

This should not happen stop juicing and call us on 22 424200.

When Juicer Bowl is stuck on the machine?

  • Close the smart cap
  • Pour one cup of water into the juice bowl
  • Feed one long carrot all the way through
  • Then press reverse and let it come back up
  • Remove the lid
  • Jiggle the strainer from left to right and pull up at the same time
  • This technique should release the suction that has been creating through overfeeding… please slow your juicing down next time and this should not happen again
  • If you still cannot remove the bowl please call 22 424200.

What if while juicing, the rubber plug has pushed itself out?

  • This means that amount of the pulp is clogged in the juice bowl, to solve this, juice the produce with high fiber like carrot or apple to unclog the produce in the juice bowl before it builds up and pushes the plug out.
  • Mixing the carrot, beetroot and apple alternately and juicing celery last helps produce a better free flowing juice rather than juicing all carrots then all apple etc.
  • Slowing your feeding process also helps to ensure all produce gets juiced properly with less pulp build up

Do you need to peel all the fruit and vegetables?

  • No not all fruit and vegetables.
  • You should peel Oranges, Kiwi Fruit, Melons, Bananas, Pomegranates and Sweet Potato.
  • No need to peel Carrots, Beetroot, Apples, Pears, Ginger, Lemons (in moderation)



What is my Warranty on the Kuvings Silent Juicer?

  • 2 years on the motor
  • Call 22 424200 for all your service needs

What if the Juice is leaking from the juicing bowl?

If the pressure silicon plug underneath the juice bowl is not assembled properly, it may leak juice out of the juicing bowl.

  • Ensure the rubber under the bowl is sealed properly.
  • While juicing fibrous vegetables like carrots and beetroot the silicon seal can be pushed out. Slowing your feeding process will prevent this from happening
  • If consistently occurring call 22 424200.

How can the Strainer Break?

Putting through too much produce at one time while the pulp chute is blocked can break the strainer

  • Putting through a seed can tear the strainer and is not covered under warranty
  • Not peeling pineapple skin can cause a tear the strainer
  • Not cleaning the strainer properly and blocking the holes can create problems with the strainer